“Public Service”

In October 2010, RetireJimMoran.com broke the story of Jim Moran claiming his opponent’s 24 years of service in the U.S. Army was NOT public service.

Our video went viral, receiving over 27,000 hits on YouTube, and was seen on TV by hundreds of thousands when it was played repeatedly on NBC 4 (WRC-TV), Fox News, and Fox Business Network. WTOP Radio also covered the story on-air.

Check out our original and follow-up stories. Below is the video itself and all of the media coverage that is available online.

NBC News Washington (WRC-TV), 10/25/2010

Patrick Murray on FOX Business Network, 10/28/2010 (Part One)

Patrick Murray on FOX Business Network, 10/28/2010 (Part Two)

Special Report with Bret Baier (10/25/2010)

(Video unavailable)

Patrick Murray on FOX & Friends, 10/27/2010

Rep. Moran: Serving in the military isn’t public service (Washington Examiner, 10/21/2010)

Moran to Troops: Your Service Doesn’t Matter (The Weekly Standard, 10/21/2010)

VA-08: Republican Murray works to retire incumbent Moran (Washington Examiner, 10/22/2010)

Dem Candidate to Veteran: Military Service Isn’t Public Service (FOX News, 10/22/2010)

Rep. Jim Moran Disparages Col. Patrick Murray’s Military Service (American Spectator, 10/22/2010)

Murray Hopes to Benefit from Moran “Public Service” Swipe (ARLnow, 10/25/2010)

Moran defends accusations of opponents lack of service (WTOP News, 10/25/2010)

Call of Duty (Alexandria Gazette-Packet, 10/25/2010)

Is long-time Virginia Rep. Jim Moran really safe this election cycle? (The Daily Caller, 10/27/2010)

Virginia GOP hammers Moran on comments (ARLnow, 10/27/2010)

Why Tuesday Will Be a Blowout (FOX Business Network, 10/29/2010)