Listen to the President

Check out our new web ad entitled “Listen to the President”:

In fiscal years 2008-2010, Jim Moran secured 254 earmarks worth a total of $575,000,000. In FY 2010 alone, he obtained $107,000,000 worth of earmarks, almost as much as the amount obtained by Virginia’s ten other congressmen combined and good enough to place him fourth out of 535 members of Congress on the list of top earmarkers. (Sources: LegiStorm, via Old Dominion Watchdog) And as you’ve been reading here for some time, Moran has greatly abused the earmarking process by exchanging earmarks for campaign contributions.

President Obama is joining a bipartisan group of lawmakers in calling for an end to earmarking.

Listen to the President, Jim. Stop the earmarks!


One response to “Listen to the President

  1. How effective can he be as a OCngressman. THis must be makign him ballistic.
    All campaign he raved about how he’ loved’ earmarks, earmarfs were sooo great. Now everyone has turned on him. He’ll lose his precious earmarks.
    Now what will he do.
    He is on the OPPOSITE side of the majority of the peopel he has to work with.
    He has LOST HIS POWER.
    now what good is he to anyone??

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