Moran refused Murray’s congratulatory call

It is a modern tradition of politics for the losing candidate in an election to call the winner to concede and offer congratulations. It is a gentlemanly thing to do.

However, Jim Moran apparently doesn’t see it that way. Numerous sources, including the Alexandria Times, FOX News, National Review, and the Alexandria Gazette-Packet confirm the story.

According to the sources, Murray’s campaign manager placed a call to Moran’s campaign manager’s phone at 8:39 pm. An unknown male answered the call and after Murray’s manager identified himself, the unknown male could be heard asking Moran if we wanted to talk to Murray. Moran was heard saying, “No, I don’t want to talk to him.” After three minutes the Moran camp hung up.

This is another example of Moran’s contempt for those who disagree with him. (His record includes routinely getting into bar fights while mayor of Alexandria, physically assaulting a fellow congressman on the House floor and threatened another, saying Bob McDonnell would run on the Taliban ticket if he could, getting into a screaming match with a priest, and having to be physically restrained twice from voters this year. He is a hyper-partisan who is disgusted by the mere thought of his opponents and thus refused the courtesy of a concession call.

So much for civil discourse.


One response to “Moran refused Murray’s congratulatory call

  1. Dave in Alexandria

    Now is the time to start planning for the next election. While Patrick Murray was a worthwhile candidate to run against Mr. Moran, a lot of work needs to be done to defeat Mr. Moran in 2012. At every opportunity the poor record of Mr. Moran needs to be brought up and given the widest attention. The monstrosity of a BRAC project along I-395 needs to be investigated. Despite Mr. Morans supposed opposition it now stands as testimony to poor research and planning for its impact. How could it be built when we have such a senior member of Congress?

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