Virginia’s 8th to Jim Moran: Keep behaving badly

Last night, Jim Moran won his 11th term, easily beating Patrick Murray by over 45,000 votes. Last night, 116,269 people sent a clear message to Jim Moran: Keep doing what you’re doing.

And what he’s doing is destroying us.

Jim Moran is the definition of corruption and embarrassment. He has absolutely no integrity whatsoever. And he is completely unashamed about it. He said in 2006 that when he became chair of an appropriations subcommittee, he would “earmark the sh*t out of it” and this year, he triumphantly stated “I earmark a lot of money.”

This is a man who has so much contempt for those who disagree with him that he routinely got into bar fights while mayor of Alexandria, physically assaulted a fellow congressman on the House floor and threatened another, said Bob McDonnell would run on the Taliban ticket if he could, got into a screaming match with a priest, had to be physically restrained twice from voters this year, and last night, refused to take Patrick Murray’s congratulatory phone call.

This is a man who votes for every big spending bill he can. In an election when big spenders ran away from their records, Moran ran to his. Meanwhile, our nation is drowning in a debt of $13,000,000,000,000 and counting.

Scandal after scandal, gaffe after gaffe, bad policy after bad policy. And he still gets re-elected by huge margins every two years.

Last night the 8th District gave Jim Moran a pass to continue his corruption and bad policies.

When will the absolute madness in the 8th District end?

In 2012, we can only hope.

Which is why we have decided to continue running

This year, our message of changed reached huge numbers of voters as tens of thousands of people visited this website.

But for the 11th time we have written Jim Moran a blank check. Somebody has to keep an eye on him.

And we will.

And you can support our ongoing efforts by donating. Donations will help cover the cost of the bumper stickers and yard signs from the campaign as well as the cost of maintaining the website (i.e. domain and hosting fees) into the future. Click below to donate.


8 responses to “Virginia’s 8th to Jim Moran: Keep behaving badly

  1. I wish this blog took a journalistic/un-biased approach to blog posts as opposed to merely spewing opinion.

  2. There were plenty of facts there. Deal with the fact that this district proudly re-elects a racist clown.

  3. Election results have proven time and time again that Moran cannot be smeared out of office. We need a good candidate with a positive message running on his own merits and accomplishments. Why do the 8th district candidates continue to associate themselves with, and hire, a campaign manager with a political skill set limited to catching Moran on tape saying something stupid? The 8th district GOP represents a prime example of the definition for insanity.

  4. I agree with Maria. The statement, “Deal with the fact that this district proudly re-elects a racist clown” says nothing and is indicative of negative campaigning mentality. If you want to turn things around in 2012, say something meaningful and positive about your candidate as opposed to things negative about the one you are trying to kick out.

    You sound like a bunch of whiners as apposed to doers.

  5. I agree. When did Republicans become cry babies. Stop complaining. Start making a change.

  6. Ivotedformoranyeahhh

    Hahahaha thats what the GOP gets when you guys don’t provide a candidate that stands up for the right issues. He supports animal rights gay rights and is opposed to the war. All Patrick Murray expressed he was into was money. Sorry but that’s not my cup of tea. I don’t trust politicians with my tax dollars but at least Jim Moran has made significant accomplishments for issues that I value. The GOP can suck it.

  7. The people who commented above are the reason the democrats keep getting elected. Proud of bad behavior – proud of someone earmarking things – yikes….glad I don’t live there!

  8. I guess he didn’t beat up any black children or harass any females this past election cycle. Oh wait, he did that before and got re-elected. Alexandria is a joke.

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