Jim Moran wins 11th term

UPDATE: The Alexandria Times reports Jim Moran refused to take Patrick Murray’s concession call. That’s our Jim, always a gentleman.

Final Results:

Jim Moran (D) – 116,264 (61%)

Patrick Murray (R) – 71,097 (37%)

Ron Fisher (IG) – 2,700 (1%)


5 responses to “Jim Moran wins 11th term

  1. That an honorable, decorated 20-year veteran should be so handily defeated by the pork-bloated, bottom-feeding Jim Moran reflects incredibly poorly on the 8th District electorate. Those surveys purporting to show the higher intelligence and educational level of 8th District residents are obviously flawed.

  2. What the hell is wrong with the 8th District!

  3. Dave in Alexandria

    At least he will be marginalized like much the rest of the Democratic Party. Yes, it is sad for the 8th District, one can only hope that by 2012 my fellow residents will have seen Mr. Moran for what he is and vote him out. Heck, another two years for him to show what a buffoon he is.

  4. Just because you disagree with a group’s political view doesn’t mean that that group is not educated or intelligent. In fact, many studies show that Democrats are more educated than Republicans.

    I have a friend in the 8th district who is a Republican and against Moran.

    My question has always been, “Why did you move to such a blue district in the first place?”

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