Moran’s worst comments of the 2010 campaign

Jim Moran never fails to make all sorts of ridiculous comments during campaigns. Here are a few from the 2010 campaign.

At a debate in May, at which he refused to appear on the same stage as his opponents, Moran endorsed a carbon tax, to some gasps in the audience of businesspeople from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. A carbon tax, taxing the burning of fuels, would stifle economic recovery and growth, and wouldn’t even make a dent in greenhouse gas emissions. It would cause energy bills to skyrocket. (Click here for the video and full recap of this debate.) And here, he endorsed raising the gas tax:

At his campaign kickoff rally, Moran made the outrageously false claim that his opponent, Patrick Murray, wants to shoot illegal immigrants:

Last Sunday, at the debate at the Temple Beth El synagogue in Alexandria, Moran called the Bush administration “immoral” for cutting taxes without cutting spending, and said the country should emulate Clinton administration policy of requiring tax cuts to be accompanied by spending cuts. This comes from the congressman who has voted for every big spending bill he could, such as the $1 trillion health care bill and $800 billion stimulus. Murray rightfully called him out for his hypocrisy, saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes. Where have you been for the last 20 years?”

Finally, last week at the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce debate, Moran said, “I support earmarks. Yeah, I do…and I intend to keep earmarking.” Look no further than this piece exposing Moran’s disturbing earmark corruption.

(Sources: Alexandria Times, Washington Post)


One response to “Moran’s worst comments of the 2010 campaign

  1. Mr. Moran doesn’t need to apologize because an apology from a traitor like him wouldn’t matter one iota. He does need to go, however. And by that I don’t just mean be defeated in an election, because that would be too easy for him. He needs to go as a human being, to jail, for treason.
    Victory in November! Treason trials in December!

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