Debate this Tuesday!

Jim Moran will be debating Patrick Murray this Tuesday. Below are the details.

Arlington County Civic Federation candidates forum, Sept 7th at 7:30 pm.
Location: Virginia Hospital Center (Hazel Auditorium) 1701 N. George Mason Dr., Arlington (between Wash. Blvd. & Lee Hwy. – see map)

More info: CivFed site

Let’s hope that Jim behaves a little bit better than he did at his last debate.  He really needs to work on being nicer to the voters asking questions at these debates. Let’s watch to see how he did at a debate in 2008.

Yikes. He starts off by being rude, and then he yells at one of his own constituents!


2 responses to “Debate this Tuesday!

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  2. Did you catch Moran’s “Oh f… that” at about the 0:55/0:56 mark?

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