Well, at least he’s keeping his promise

As seen on Moran’s Greatest Hits!, Jim Moran promised in 2006 that when he became chairman of a House appropriations subcomittee, he would “earmark the s**t out of it.” (Source: Sun Gazette)

Well, that time has come: Moran was named chairman of the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee in March and sure enough, he has secured 18 earmarks worth a total of $22,000,000, according to the Washington Business Journal.

Some of them, such as grants for homeless/family shelters, are hard to argue with. But $300,000 for the National Building Museum (which isn’t even in Virginia)? $1 million for a pedestrian bridge over the Dulles Toll Road? $200,000 for Alexandria Youth for Building Green? (To see the full list, click here.) This is just ridiculous. $22 million in earmarks from just one congressman when our nation is drowning in debt (a $1.4 trillion federal budget deficit and $13 trillion national debt).

But Moran even admits he doesn’t care. He told The Hill, “[Reducing earmarks] doesn’t save a whole lot of money, but I guess it satisfied the public thirst to beat up on the Congress.”

It’s that attitude, that the people spending our children’s future away are the victims, that has earned Congress job approval ratings of just 20% or lower, the worst of all time.

Enough is enough. We have to stop this.


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