Have you seen this video?

This one never gets old. This was posted here back in April when the site was first launched, so here it is again in case you missed it.

Jason Mattera, an author, approached Jim Moran asking about $2 million in stimulus money that was allocated to the 12th congressional district of Virginia according to the website http://recovery.gov — only problem is, the 12th District doesn’t exist.

Moran becomes enraged and has to be physically restrained and pushed along by several staff members. You may or may not agree with Mattera’s conservative philosophy (Moran certainly doesn’t), but the fact that he was yelling and had to be physically restrained is simply embarrassing.

Watch the video for yourself below.

And this certainly isn’t the first incident — Politico reported that Moran confronted tea party activists and had to be restrained by his staff. As one staffer put it to the activists, “We’re not protecting him from you, we’re protecting you from him.” Again, you may or may not agree with the tea party movement. But a political disagreement is no reason at all to physically threaten your constituents. Read the article bel0w:

Staff held Jim Moran back from protesters

From Politico

By Johnathan Allen | 3/24/10 5:24 PM EDT

Tea party activists nearly messed with the wrong congressman when they got into it with Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) in his Capitol office Sunday.

Moran, a thickly built Virginian with a  temper that runs hot on occasion, was summoned from his inner office by the noise of angry protesters interacting with his staff, according to the congressman’s account.

He confronted the protesters, prompting staff to step between them and the activists to ask whether Moran needed “bodyguards” to protect him.

“We’re not protecting him from you, we’re protecting you from him,” a staffer explained, according to Moran.

Moran once threatened to punch his predecessor, Stan Parris, and has been known to lose his temper at other times.

He said the activists were attempting to intimidate him and his aides.

The incident, while humorous in its own way, is part of a pattern of confrontations between opponents of the new health care law and lawmakers.

Federal and Capitol law enforcement officers briefed Democratic House members on threats at a caucus meeting Wednesday.


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