Moranic hypocrisy on Metro board

Gov. Bob McDonnell has decided to withhold $50 million in state money for the Washington Metro system unless Virginia gets two spots on Metro’s board of directors. Jim Moran and Rep. Gerry Connolly (11th District) have condemned McDonnell’s actions, calling it “budgetary blackmail”. However, Moran and Connolly supported the Obama administration’s demand for spots for four federal appointees on the Metro board in exchange for $1.5 billion in federal funding.

Currently, Virginia’s representatives are chosen by the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission. McDonnell’s rationale is simply that if the state government is going to be contributing hundreds of millions of dollars, they should at least have a say in how the money is spent. And McDonnell and transportation secretary Sean Connaughton have said they would hire a transit expert to fill the seat, not some political figure. Plus, the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance, a group that is not a fan of McDonnell, is supporting the move.

Regardless of what you think of McDonnell’s move, everyone can agree on this: Either Moran and Connolly have short-term memory loss, or they are partisan hypocrites — the Metro board is made up of all Democrats, and it appears likely that Moran is condemning the move because he can’t stand the idea of a Republican appointee on the board.

Mr. Moran, Metro is in deep trouble. They are facing a massive $189 million budget hole and are skyrocketing fares to try to fill it. Playing silly and petty partisan games serves only to exacerbate the problem.

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One response to “Moranic hypocrisy on Metro board

  1. Until you can prove you are going to preserve Winkler Preserve for generations as Moran has, and until you guarantee that you are going to extend health care to all regardless of age, gender, or condition (i.e., Medicare for All or Single Payer), I wish you would stop littering our area with obnoxious signs that denigrate _yourself _more than Mr. Moran, who has dedicated his life to making life better for EVERYONE, NOT JUST RICH PEOPLE and CORPORATIONS!!!

    McDonnell is ROBBING future generations by selling ABC stores ONCE and losing REVENUE FOREVER—so that he can boast of balancing the budget, while robbing future generations of a continued revenue source from the sales of alcohol.
    He is not providing any options for public transportation other than our crippling addiction to CARS, and he is SELLING PUBLIC ROADS TO AUSTRALIANS!!

    Guantanamo has already proven we are a police state, and the ultra-Right proves that’s not conservative enough…until all people are slaves and only 10 Republicans own the planet, you will not be happy, apparently. Why else would you decry the surge in illegal immigrant births, while simultaneously shutting down and restricting access to any and all family planning and reproductive health clinics???? Other than to create a massively uneducated, easily exploitable class who will willingly forgo unionization, and succumb to serfdom???

    I would suspect McDonnell of trying to sabotage Metro, not help it…

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