Is Jim Moran the most corrupt member of the House?

You’ve read about Jim Moran’s out-of-control “pork” spending; and his voting to raise his own pay. You’ve also read about his pay-to-play corruption, including his possibly criminal involvement in the PMA Group scandal.

Now, Moran gets the award for  most campaign money donated by earmark recipients of any of the 435 members of the House, according to a new report by a non-partisan watchdog group, Taxpayers for Common Sense. (An earmark is taxpayer money set aside in federal spending bills specifically for a certain organization or business.)

Last year, Moran received $70,000 in campaign contributions from recipients of earmarks he inserted into appropriations bills. That’s the most of any House member. Moran sits on the House defense appropriations subcommittee, and most of those dollars came from defense interests.

[Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii wins the award in the Senate, with nearly $140,700 donated by earmark recipients.]

Why have the voters of the 8th District put up with this outright corruption for 20 years now? Enough is enough. It’s time to retire Jim Moran.

(Sources: Taxpayers for Common Sense, Washington Post)


One response to “Is Jim Moran the most corrupt member of the House?

  1. Chris Marston

    Amit Singh picked up on this story over at Bearing Drift too.

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