Moranic Arrogance at the 8th District Debate

UPDATE: Video of Moran’s segment published!

As you may have read here, Jim Moran pulled out of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce debate Thursday evening at the last minute, refusing to appear on the same stage as Republican challengers Matthew Berry & Patrick Murray and Independent-Green candidate Ron Fisher.

Moran’s cowardly move thus dramatically decreased the length of the event. Instead of having a full hour for all four candidates to extensively debate the issues, the debate and Moran’s appearance were drastically reduced — about a half hour for the debate and less than 15 minutes for Moran.

Nonetheless, it was a good event, and RetireJimMoran was there. We filmed all of Moran’s segment, and the video follows (we had to cut a few minutes of the video to meet YouTube’s under-10 minutes requirement). Look below the video for some key points.

Start-0:33 Moran criticizes the candidates on experience, but the sarcastic, obnoxious, arrogant, and condescending way in which he said it negated whatever point he was trying to make.

0:39 Moran immediately whines about personal attacks but refrains from giving any examples in this campaign.

0:59-1:13 Although he was joking, the sad part is that he was referring to history of financial incompetence. From Moran’s Greatest Hits:

Jim Moran, walking financial disaster

Moran’s financial disclosures showed in 2004 that he had lost nearly $320,000 in the stock markets as of that time. His financial disclosures also showed that he had as much as $165,000 in debt. When asked how he planned to pay off his debts, he responded, “I have no plans.” Priceless.

Mr. Moran, if you can’t control your own finances, why in the world should we trust you to control our tax dollars?!?!!

(Sources: Roll Call, Washington Post)

1:40 — When asked about the American Power Act, a piece of climate change/energy legislation in the House, Moran responded by expressing his support for a carbon tax, to some gasps in the audience. (3:01) “We ought to have…a carbon tax that is much simpler to administer…it’s the fairest as well.” A carbon tax, taxing the burning of fuels, would stifle economic recovery and growth, and wouldn’t even make a dent in greenhouse gas emissions. All it would do is just line the pockets of the federal government so they have more of our money to spend. It would affect each and every one of us. Hey Jim, forcing another big tax on us while we’re just starting to get back on our feet is not a good idea.

Now, here are some remarks by the Republican candidates running against Moran, who you can learn more about here.

Opening Statement by Patrick Murray (partial)

Opening Statement by Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry on the Role of Government in Business

Patrick Murray Closing Statement


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