Jim Moran votes to raise his own pay

Wouldn’t it be nice if you and your colleagues at work could vote  once a year to see if everybody gets a pay raise? That would be wonderful, especially in these tough economic times. Recently, Congress took a vote on a Congressional pay increase. Jim Moran was one of the 15 members of the House who voted to raise his own pay. 402 voted against it.

Do you think Jim Moran has earned a pay raise? Apparently, he thinks he does. Maybe it’s because he’s broke again due to incompetence at controlling his own finances, as you will see on our Greatest Hits page:

Jim Moran, walking financial disaster

Moran’s financial disclosures showed in 2004 that he had lost nearly $320,000 in the stock markets as of that time. His financial disclosures also showed that he had as much as $165,000 in debt. When asked how he planned to pay off his debts, he responded, “I have no plans.” Priceless.

Mr. Moran, if you can’t control your own finances, why in the world should we trust you to control our tax dollars?!?!!

(Sources: Roll Call, Washington Post)


2 responses to “Jim Moran votes to raise his own pay

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