Jim Moran Taken to School on Climate Change by Rohrabacher

This is a fantastic video from May 2009 of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher taking Jim Moran (and Chris Matthews) to school on the global warming debate.  It is AWESOME.   Jim Moran says that thousands of people live “a few feet from the ocean” and are at risk from rising sea levels.  (What about high tide?)

What is especially great is that Moran’s entire argument is based on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — which relied on the “science” out of the UK’s University of East Anglia Climate Change Unit — which was later revealed to have skewed its data and to have refused to publish scientific studies challenging the man-made global warming hypothesis.

What’s great is that they accuuse Rohrabacher of being “anti-science,” while they were relying on science from the IPCC that ultimately itself was proved false.  D’oh!  Congressman Moran is wedded to his liberal orthodoxy, not real science.  (His nasty crack at the end — “Keep the party pure, Dana” — is proof that he knows he got schooled.)


One response to “Jim Moran Taken to School on Climate Change by Rohrabacher

  1. There are more scientists who DISagree that global warming is man-made (Casey Lartigue & Ryan Balis, “The Lieberman-Warner Cap & Trade Bill: Quick Summary & Analysis, “Natl. Policy Analysis No. 570, Natl. Ctr. for Public Policy Research, June 08, http://www.nationalcenter.org/NPA570.html … indeed, the thought now is that the Earth is cooling. The Left is denying reality & this is simply a matter of power & money & there has been a deliberate distortion of science by the enviro-maniacs. Notice it’s the Left, the Statists, who resort to immature name-calling & act condescendingly and dismissively. Here’s a quick, entertaining video which explains global climate change – The Milankovich Cycles: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/naked-science/3491/Overview#tab-Videos/06450_00
    I’m just wondering how the leftist statists will try to change the tilt of the Earth now.

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