Democrats grow tired of Jim Moran

Recently, the Virginia Democrat wrote a post about his frustrations with the Democratic Party of Virginia. One of his frustrations was Congressman Jim Moran. Here’s what he had to say about him:

“Jim Moran – You have lost your only chance to be a House committee chairmen… won’t ever happen for you… as a committee chair, you would have the authority to send resources to Alexandria and Arlington, part of the economic power engine in the State of Virginia. It’s time for you to retire. We need new blood in your seat… someone that is in touch with the district and it’s needs… someone that has a chance to lead. You’ve been a back bencher for years and it’s time for you to end that charade.”

Hard to believe that even after Jim Moran says that “I earmark a lot of money that Democrats claim that he’s been a “back bencher for years.”

I agree. It’s time for Jim to retire.



Jim Moran, oratory wonder

Jim Moran, our famously articulate congressman, had this to say to The Hill about the Obama administration on the proposed deal to extend all Bush tax cuts for two years:

“‘This is a lack of leadership on the part of Obama,’ fumed Moran (D-Va.) ‘I don’t know where the f*** Obama is on this or anything else. They’re AWOL.'”

Jim Moran showed his articulation skills in a similar way in 2006, when he told a group of Arlington Democrats that he when he became chairman of a House appropriations subcommittee, he would “earmark the s*** out of it.”

(Sources: The Hill, Sun Gazette)

Jim Moran is at it again

Jim Moran has a long history of offending Jewish groups with statements described as anti-Semitic by numerous groups including House Democrats and the Jewish Community Council of Washington, among many others. You can read all about it at Moran’s Greatest Hits. Now he has offended another religious group, Catholics. (Note that Moran is a Catholic himself.)

Recently there was some controversy over an exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington. The exhibit was pulled last week after an uproar ensued over an image of Jesus Christ on the cross covered in ants, perceived to be anti-Christian and intentionally provocative, as Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough acknowledged. The main reason for the uproar was that as part of the Smithsonian the exhibit was funded by taxpayer dollars. William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, led the uproar, calling the exhibit “hate speech…designed to insult.”

Moran, sensing an opportunity to loudly attack the Catholic Church, as he has in the past (twice), just had to jump in.

Moran said Donohue had no authority to speak on the matter because he “implicitly condoned all the pedophilia that was going on in the Church.”

Donohue responded:

Congressman Moran has been accused of being an anti-Semite by his own Jewish colleagues in the House of Representatives, and he has a track record of bashing the Catholic Church. So it is not a shocker that he has returned to the well again.

Moran can call me any name he wants, but he is walking a libelous line to say that I condone sexual abuse. The law aside, it is despicable that a sitting congressman would make such an outrageously indefensible accusation. Any time he wants to debate me on this issue, or any other, I will be glad to make the necessary media contacts.

Moran is a loose cannon and a disgrace to the United States Congress. We will make sure his colleagues learn of his latest outburst.

Thanks Jim!

Today, Jim Moran carried out his promise and voted no on extending any of the Bush-era tax cuts, voting to raise your taxes $2,895.

What a compassionate show of concern for the struggles of middle-class families in this recession. He must really care about us. Thanks Jim!

Listen to the President

Check out our new web ad entitled “Listen to the President”:

In fiscal years 2008-2010, Jim Moran secured 254 earmarks worth a total of $575,000,000. In FY 2010 alone, he obtained $107,000,000 worth of earmarks, almost as much as the amount obtained by Virginia’s ten other congressmen combined and good enough to place him fourth out of 535 members of Congress on the list of top earmarkers. (Sources: LegiStorm, via Old Dominion Watchdog) And as you’ve been reading here for some time, Moran has greatly abused the earmarking process by exchanging earmarks for campaign contributions.

President Obama is joining a bipartisan group of lawmakers in calling for an end to earmarking.

Listen to the President, Jim. Stop the earmarks!

Moran refused Murray’s congratulatory call

It is a modern tradition of politics for the losing candidate in an election to call the winner to concede and offer congratulations. It is a gentlemanly thing to do.

However, Jim Moran apparently doesn’t see it that way. Numerous sources, including the Alexandria Times, FOX News, National Review, and the Alexandria Gazette-Packet confirm the story.

According to the sources, Murray’s campaign manager placed a call to Moran’s campaign manager’s phone at 8:39 pm. An unknown male answered the call and after Murray’s manager identified himself, the unknown male could be heard asking Moran if we wanted to talk to Murray. Moran was heard saying, “No, I don’t want to talk to him.” After three minutes the Moran camp hung up.

This is another example of Moran’s contempt for those who disagree with him. (His record includes routinely getting into bar fights while mayor of Alexandria, physically assaulting a fellow congressman on the House floor and threatened another, saying Bob McDonnell would run on the Taliban ticket if he could, getting into a screaming match with a priest, and having to be physically restrained twice from voters this year. He is a hyper-partisan who is disgusted by the mere thought of his opponents and thus refused the courtesy of a concession call.

So much for civil discourse.

Virginia’s 8th to Jim Moran: Keep behaving badly

Last night, Jim Moran won his 11th term, easily beating Patrick Murray by over 45,000 votes. Last night, 116,269 people sent a clear message to Jim Moran: Keep doing what you’re doing.

And what he’s doing is destroying us.

Jim Moran is the definition of corruption and embarrassment. He has absolutely no integrity whatsoever. And he is completely unashamed about it. He said in 2006 that when he became chair of an appropriations subcommittee, he would “earmark the sh*t out of it” and this year, he triumphantly stated “I earmark a lot of money.”

This is a man who has so much contempt for those who disagree with him that he routinely got into bar fights while mayor of Alexandria, physically assaulted a fellow congressman on the House floor and threatened another, said Bob McDonnell would run on the Taliban ticket if he could, got into a screaming match with a priest, had to be physically restrained twice from voters this year, and last night, refused to take Patrick Murray’s congratulatory phone call.

This is a man who votes for every big spending bill he can. In an election when big spenders ran away from their records, Moran ran to his. Meanwhile, our nation is drowning in a debt of $13,000,000,000,000 and counting.

Scandal after scandal, gaffe after gaffe, bad policy after bad policy. And he still gets re-elected by huge margins every two years.

Last night the 8th District gave Jim Moran a pass to continue his corruption and bad policies.

When will the absolute madness in the 8th District end?

In 2012, we can only hope.

Which is why we have decided to continue running

This year, our message of changed reached huge numbers of voters as tens of thousands of people visited this website.

But for the 11th time we have written Jim Moran a blank check. Somebody has to keep an eye on him.

And we will.

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